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The Brothers Brumm are Ian and Jo Brumby; they have been writing in one form or another since their very early years.
It all began with The Werewolf Magazine, a once-every-two-months' production made for friends and relatives who were among the privileged few able to claim membership of the 'Werewolf Club.' - Ian started this publication at the tender age of ten, (possibly younger in fact) with Jo and other folks besides making contributions to the content by way of stories, cartoons, and so on.
Both were avid story-writers through their school years, and also enjoyed the tale-telling aspects involved in running Dungeons and Dragons and other such role-playing games; this eventually led to the creation of Fenris Games (, also re-establishing that earlier association with their old friend the wolf.
It's a wonder they haven't got around to writing a proper book of some sort before now, but other 'life stuff' has been getting in the way, as it often does: hopefully this first tale will become one of many...
Find more on twitter @snuurg, @wyrdworld, and @FenrisGames
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