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The idea of Wyrdworld (bunny-suited dwarves and all) has existed as an alternate reality for more than thirty years, ‘born’ as the world-base for adventures in a play-by-mail roleplaying game established in 1987/88 by Fenris Games. It was a universe where players could invent a character to be dropped into the thick of things - playing in ‘turns’ written for that being, with events and outcomes directly determined by whatever the player wished to do or say (or indeed try to do or say), providing a virtually limitless scope for off-at-a-tangent adventuring: such turns would consist of a few pages of story individually tailored to every different character, with an end-point requiring some action, thought or deed from the player in order to inform the progress of the tale, offering a potentially neverending back-and-forth between the player and their author.

 Once in a while, a larger group-adventure would be organised (later known as an over-the-table or OTT session), a more recognisable form of gaming-meet for as many players as could make the trip - and these several outings are at present the roots from which these tales of Wyrdworld will be sprouting, so to speak. We hope you will enjoy the results.


Fenris Games has been around for at least that long too: nowadays it provides scenics, bases, and other accessories for gaming and miniatures, as well as a gradually-expanding range of its own minis in the 28mm-compatible ‘scale’ (and several others besides) - the Wyrdworld-specific examples of which are few at present, but slowly increasing in number.

Fenris Games also caters to several other worlds of fantasy, not least being that of Call of Cthulhu - and recently, together with Sandy Petersen’s Green Eye Games team (now Petersen Games), has been part of two very successful Kickstarter campaigns: the first being ‘Cthulhu Wars,’ then its sequel, or expansion, ‘Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught Two’ - Fenris taking up the task of creating the playing-piece-miniatures for the project. Find them all at


You can also discover more about Fenris Games at


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