the first book of wyrdworld

You might think you know where this story is going - a fated hero, a prophecy or two, an unlikely band of adventurers? Certainly.

A world with an uncertain future, a terrible villain? Yep, looks like we're heading down a familiar path...

- walking talking animals? Bloody hell, not that again.

Dragons, by any chance? Sure - this is one of those sword-and-sorcery sorta things, isn't it?

Oh look, there's even a map...

Nahh, this isn't yer typical fantasy - and definitely doesn't follow the oft-trodden trails of the usual sort of 'furry' story either; while you may think you know the road here like the back of your hand, you'll soon see that somebody's nicked all the knuckles and put all the thumbs in the wrong place, stuck on a bunch of extra fingers and even added a tentacle or two, along with a few other apparently unnecessary appandages...

...welcome to wyrdworld - mind how ye go.

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Goddess Uurtha artwork/book cover copyright Kerem Beyit 2015